Military family with small child


The Institute for Military & Veteran Family Wellness is a home-base where researchers, service providers, and community members work together to develop effective programs and practices needed by service members, veterans and their family members. The institute focuses on research and evaluation, training in evidence-based practices, program development and program implementation. In addition, we partner with local and national providers, researchers, and military and veteran community members. Our partnerships ensure that military and veteran communities have access to effective care for their mental health and community-based needs.

The Institute designs and tests programs that amplify the strength and resiliency of this community. Our programs focus on improving the communities of support on which military and veteran families depend. In addition, the Institute focuses on developing supports for veteran spouses and veteran couples that have fewer developed programs and resources.

Area of Focus

The Institute addresses the unique social support and behavioral health needs faced by military and veteran families. Our work creates a space for researchers, professionals and members of the community to collaborate and inform best practices as they relate to the wellbeing of service members, veterans and their families. We focus our work in three key areas.

Research & Evaluation

The institute’s research leg focuses on the mental health, social support, and overall wellbeing of service members, veterans and their families. Research initiatives are conducted both internally and in collaboration with other military and veteran-serving organizations, with a focus on patient-centered outcomes research, informed by stated needs and goals of our military and veteran community. In addition, the institute also supports program evaluation both in-house and supporting community partner-run initiatives, to ensure existing and pilot programs are meeting the needs of the military and veteran communities they are intended to serve.


The Institute for Military & Veteran Family Wellness provides a range of programming in collaboration with community stakeholders, providers and researchers. All of our in-house programming is run through our Veteran Spouse Network, and aims to support the overall wellness of military and veteran families, with a focus on peer support and community engagement. All programs are offered to participants free of charge and are continuously evaluated and then disseminated when programs show effective outcomes.


The institute seeks to engage our military and veteran community through trainings and educational opportunities, as well as a number of services and opportunities to collaborate with military and veteran-serving organizations with a goal of ensuring the the wellness of military and veteran families.