Hannah O'Brienn, Elisa Borah, Molly Platz


The institute’s research leg focuses on the mental health, social support, and overall wellbeing of service members, veterans and their families. Research initiatives are run through our internal Veteran Spouse Network-run programs and in collaboration with other military and veteran-serving organizations, all with a focus on patient-centered outcomes research, informed by stated needs and goals of our military and veteran community. In addition, the institute also supports program evaluation both in-house and supporting community partner-run initiatives, to ensure existing and pilot programs are meeting the needs of the military and veteran communities they are intended to serve.

The Institute for Military and Veteran Family Wellness relies heavily on its research leg to better understand crucial issues faced by military and veteran families, with the hope of informing positive change. Our research initiatives are performed both in-house and in collaboration with external organizations and institutions focusing on military and veteran family wellness.

In addition to conducting research, the Institute works collaboratively with community stakeholders to evaluate existing and pilot initiatives to ensure successful implementation of military and veteran – focused programs. See below for some of the previous programs the institute has collaboratively worked on, supporting program evaluation efforts.

Explore a number of institute-published and co-published articles that explore a number of topics including military family transition, suicide prevention, treatment outcomes, and adapted education & care during a global pandemic.