Service member seeking therapy

Understanding Alcohol Treatment Outcomes

Study Overview

This study will address the Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health Research Program’s (TBIPHRP) focus area related to the examination of care systems that can facilitate continued functional recovery among U.S. Army service members. It will specifically address the quality of treatment offered by the Army Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUDCC) treatment program at Fort Cavazos, TX. This study will conduct a retrospective analysis of medical records and conduct interviews with current patients and treatment providers to gain insights into what factors contribute to soldiers’ success in their alcohol use treatment in SUDCC’s voluntary and mandatory treatment tracts.

Study Objectives

This study will seek to fill a significant gap in knowledge regarding our understanding of the range of experiences and outcomes that active duty soldiers receive from the Army’s SUDCC program. Through this study, researchers hope to better understand how factors like health, work, family, sleep, motivation, treatment options, and individual differences may contribute to successful treatment outcomes. By gaining a better understanding of how individual factors impact treatment, future efforts can be made to ensure the long-term psychological health outcomes for soldiers, families, and the Army community.

Study Timeline

This study will take place at Fort Cavazos, TX from 2023-2016. Research findings will be presented to key policy makers in early 2026.