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The institute collaborates with a number of military and veteran-serving organizations through both formal and informal partnerships. If you are interested in collaborating with the institute, please take a moment to review the types of partnership below. Take a look at our current partners on the Sponsors & Partners page.

Service Partners

Our Service Partners include those organizations, nonprofits, and institutions that support institute and VSN-run programs and opportunities. Some of our service partners provide physical space to run groups, while others support institute initiatives more informally, supporting recruitment and marketing of upcoming opportunities throughout their network. Below, we have broken down the types of agreements that fall under the Service Partner umbrella.


Directly support the programming arm of the institute. While each partnership is unique, they often include at least one of the following:

  • Requests to run VSN programs at partner organizations in an effort to support their existing participants.
  • Adapted programming, which often includes major updates to existing curricula and/or program structure to better meet the needs of a given organization’s population.
  • Serving as a site host, or physical meeting space for existing programming.
  • Getting trained to facilitate institute/VSN groups independently in the form of a pilot program. This option is not always possible, as existing programs are designed around a very specific target audience.
Strategic Partners

Agreements to reciprocally market and recruit each other’s programs, research efforts, and opportunities that involve military and veteran families. Strategic partnerships can include informal requests to promote opportunities for VSOs, or more formalized, paid agreements to establish a strategic plan to disseminate information.

Community Partners

Focused on community events and outreach and can include the following:

  • Invitations to host, attend, or volunteer at partner events.
  • Sponsor, host or plan collaborative events.
  • Attend events in a co-branded capacity (e.g. partnering with similar organizations to share space and promote work in an outreach capacity).

Presentation requests most often include presentations to providers, researchers, or community members on a range of topics including:

  • Programming and research
  • Trainings, such as military cultural competency
  • Seminars focused on peer-based support and guidance

Research Partners

Research partners most frequently involve formal partnerships with other academic institutions, government entities, or VSOs who wish to collaborate or gain support on research and evaluation efforts. Research partnerships can vary, but often include at least one of the following:

  • Designing and/or implementing pilot programs
  • Evaluating existing programs
  • Designing and disseminating research and evaluation metrics
  • Consulting on best practices as it relates to research and evaluation
  • Co-publishing research articles


Current research initiatives and programming are funded by a mix of grant funding and sub-contracts. In addition, partners have the opportunity to support ongoing research and programming through one-time monetary donations.

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