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Current Programs

Facilitating a network of support for military and veteran spouses and families

All institute direct-service programming is housed within the Veteran Spouse Network, and focuses on peer-support programming for military and veteran families as they navigate active-duty life, transition to civilian life, and put down roots after military life. All programs are free to participants and are continuously evaluated and updated based on participant feedback to ensure they are effective and meet the needs of those they aim to serve. For a list of upcoming offerings within our programs, view the calendar of events on the VSN website.

The Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group (V-SRG) program provides veteran spouses/partners with peer-led, curriculum-driven, evidence-based peer-support support groups offered in virtual and in-person formats. Participants discuss a variety of topics that are unique to the veteran spouse/partner experience, sharing their challenges, strategies, and successes, while both receiving and providing support and guidance to their peers

The VSN Social Club (VSC) program provides a variety of online and in-person peer-support groups to the larger military and veteran-connected community. Participants are provided a safe space to discuss topics that interest them and create opportunities to connect, socialize, and provide and receive support. Clubs are facilitated by peer leaders, covering topics generated by the interests and needs of our network. 

The Veteran Family Transition (VFT) Program takes a holistic approach to transition, providing a combination of educational seminars on key transition topics and spouse peer support groups to process transition stressors, with the hope of ensuring a smooth and successful military to civilian transition for the whole family.