Military Spouse Resiliency Group

Program Overview

The Military Spouse Resiliency Group (M-SRG) Peer Support Program is designed to help military spouses prioritize their wellness through peer support groups. The M-SRG is adaptation of the Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group (V-SRG), a program currently run within the Institute’s Veteran Spouse Network. As active duty and veteran spouses have different experiences during and after military life, this program more specifically addresses the experiences and stressors unique to active-duty spouses.

Our Veteran Spouse Network programming has emphasized the value and benefit of strong supportive communities that offer peer-based guidance and understanding to help address the unique challenges of military and veteran life. As such, these groups will provide a safe space for peers to come together, share their stories, successes, and challenges, lean on one another for support and guidance, and form lasting bonds that they can rely on well after groups conclude. Through this curriculum-based, weekly peer group, participants will receive support on an array of topics that impact their lives.

About the Study

The M-SRG Peer Support Program received its funding from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) in 2023. As the program unfolds, it will be studied to ensure its impact, in the hopes of expanding its reach.

This study will gauge the effectiveness of how a curriculum-based, weekly, support group for military spouses can improve spouses’ quality of life, mental health, social support, and knowledge of health conditions impacting service members. By offering spouses tools and resources to better understand how to support their service member’s recovery and access to treatment, service members will also benefit by having more familial support when seeking treatment. In addition, this approach will help to maintain stronger family relationships and reduce family relationship stress. Based on findings of the study, this curriculum will be published and available to military organizations in all branches to increase their programming to military spouses.

Currently recruiting focus group participants

We are conducting focus groups with military spouses at Fort Hood from February through April 2023. These groups will inform how to best adapt the Military Spouse Resiliency Group peer support curriculum to include topics and resources important to spouses.

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Participant Eligibility

The Military Spouse Resiliency Group Study will begin recruiting in Fall 2023. Completion of study surveys will include financial compensation. Eligibility requirements include a military spouse who is:

  • Married to or in a committed relationship with an active-duty Soldier at Fort Hood
  • Planning to remain at Fort Hood for at least four months upon entering the study
  • Willing to attend in-person sessions of the MSRG program once/week for 10 weeks