Program Schedule

The following schedule is tentative. Please note that time slots and dates may shift for presentations. Check back in before the conference to review an updated schedule as details are finalized.

Monday | June 12, 2023

0800 – 1900

A boxed lunch will be served mid-day. After sessions conclude, participants are encouraged to attend the Poster Reception at the LBJ Presidential Library
Family & Caregiver Support
  • Developing Communities of Care: Ensuring Support for Military-Connected Children Rebecca I. Porter, PhD
  • Campaign for inclusive care: inclusion of military caregivers in the Veterans’ care – Roxana E. Delgado, PhD, MS
  • Military Spouse Employment Programming at Hiring Our Heroes – Crystal Cochran
  • Blue Star Family Support Circles (BSFSC): Upstream Solutions to Crisis Brooke Blaalid, MSW, MA
  • The Role of Caregivers in Preventing Military and Veteran Suicide – Rajeev Ramchand, PhD
  • Employment Supports with Veterans and Spouses – Ross Dickman, MA, MBA
  • Military Spouse Employment Pathways – Crystal Cochran, MS
  • Helping the Helper: How Having a Support System Saved My Life – CPT Jamie Webb, LCSW
  • How to Be a Joiner to Find the Social Support You Need – Jill Palmer, DSW
Suicide Prevention & Trauma Treatment and Supports
  • Dads Matter Too: How Father’s Experience with Stress and Trauma Impacts Their Offspring Development – COL Liquori L. Etheridge, LCDC, LCSW, BCD
  • Strong Families Strong Forces – Supporting Military Families through Trauma and Military-Related Transitions – Samantha Marasa, PhD
  • Shared Trauma and Resiliency Among Military Veteran Mental Health Providers and Effective Peer Support Programs – MAJ Tashina Miller PhD, LCSW
  • Understanding VHA’s Innovative Approach to Preventing Veteran Suicide – Suzanne Shirley, LCSW
  • The Intersection of Public Health and Social Work for Improving Community Outcomes (A Department of Veterans Affairs Case Study) – Keita Franklin, PhD, LCSW and Tina Atherall, DSW, LMSW
Health Equity & Innovative Care
  • Building Trust to Provide Care: Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division Wellness Program – CPT Marquita Barr, LCSW, MS and CPT Sarah Bean, LCSW
  • The Truth is Out There: Social Support Programs in the Military – Zona T Lewis
  • Exploring the Changing Social Support Needs of Student Veterans in a Post Covid Assessment of Academic, Social, and Career Factors – Katherine Selber, PhD, LMSW-AP
  • Using Peer Support as a Means of Improving Behavioral Health – Garrett Boyer, PsyD
  • Integrating Peer & Social Support in State and Local Veteran Systems – Blake Harris, PhD
  • Strengthening Military Social Work Practice Through the Development of an International Perspective – Mary Ann Forgey, PhD, LCSW and Karen Green-Hurdle, MPH, AMHSW, GD
  • Ethically Navigating Policies and Laws Restricting Self-Determination – Lt Col Erika King, LCSW, PhD; LTC Lataya Hawkins, LCSW, PhD, Maj David Snowden, LCSW, PhD
  • Soldier for Life Health and Wellness Overview – MAJ Katherine Little, MBA, MHA
  • Optimizing Care and Seamless Transitions for Service Members from DoD to VA – Adrienne Weede, LCSW

Tuesday | June 13, 2023


A seated lunch will be served mid-day.
Trauma, Domestic Violence, and IPV
  • PTSD and Moral Injury Treatment with Veterans – Wyatt R. Evans, PhD, ABPP
  • Reintegration After a Traumatic Brain Injury in Military Personnel and Veterans – SFC(Ret.) Victor L. Medina, MRC, CRC
  • Partnering to End Domestic Violence – LTC Andrea Creary, LCSW
  • Addressing Interpersonal Violence through Trauma-Informed Intervention – LeAnn Bruce, PhD, LCSW and Natalie Peterson, DSW, LCSW
  • U.S. Military Policies Related to Domestic Abuse: An Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis – M. Christine Highfill, LMSW, MA
  • Understanding Human Trafficking Assessment and Intervention in the Veteran Population – Amy Ashcraft, LCSW and Katie Papke, LMSW, CAASC, CCHTVSP
  • Military Trauma: Battling the Enemy Within – Jamie Jones, LPC-S, NCC, M.Ed
  • Welcome Home: The Vet Center Mission– Lisa Fowler, LCSW
  • Expanding service for Veterans who experience Intimate Partner Violence or Sexual Assault – Jennifer Knetig, PhD, Amy Ashcraft, LCSW, and Melissa Stacey, LCSW
Innovative Therapy & Peer Support
  • Expanding the Frame Beyond Weekly Psychotherapy: Research and Clinical Application of Innovative Delivery Methods for Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD – Katy Dondanville, PsyD, ABPP and Bailee Schuhmann, PhD
  • Peer Support for Military and Veteran Spouses: Research and Practice with the Veteran Spouse Network – Elisa Borah, PhD, MSW
  • The Strength of Belonging: Confronting Social Isolation in the Military – Adam Milano, DSW, LCSW
  • CBCT for PTSD and MDMA Assisted Therapy for couples – Brandi Luedtke, PhD
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Promote Psychological Wellness Amongst Mental Health Providers – CPT Qwanquita T. Wright, LCSW, LCDC, BCD
  • Adventure Therapy with Veterans: Building Resilience and Connection Outdoors – Christine Lynn Norton, PhD, LCSW-S, CCAT, CCTP, CET and Blake Holbrook, BSW
  • Military and Veteran Culture in a Clinical Treatment Model – Sheena Bice, LCMHC, MLADC & Dalton McLaughlin, Sgt. USMC
    Health Equity and Special Supports
    • Family Factors Affecting Servicewomen’s Wellness, Readiness, and Retention – Lt Col Erika King, MSW, PhD
    • WOVEN: Delivering effective Female Veteran Peer Support – Cat Corchado
    • LGBTQ Service Members: Wellness and Retention – Maj Kati McNamara, PhD
    • Creating awareness at the intersection of IPV and LGBTQ+ – CPT Ashley N. Carrillo, LCSW & CPT Marlon K. Dortch, LCSW
    • Advancing Health Equity: VA’s Approach to Enhancing Awareness of SDOH in Health Care among Social Workers – Angela Giles, DBH, LCSW and Danielle P. Latimore, LCSW
    • Weapon Safety and Education Enhancement – CPT Carolyn Kehn, LSW
    • Inclusion, Diversity, Ethics & Access: Ethical Considerations for the Veteran Population & Transitioning Military Members– Soni Adams, LCSW
    • The Causal Factors of Military and Veteran Family Food Insecurity – Gabby L’Esperance, PhD, and Shanna Smith, PhD
    • VHA’s Veterans Homelessness Programs and Initiatives – Shawn Liu, LCSW
    • Substance Use Disorder Care in the Veterans Health Administration – Joseph Liberto, MD
    Systems of Change & International Considerations
    • The Silence is Deafening: The Urgent Need to Talk About Afghanistan – Lt Col Will Selber, United States Air Force
    • The Role of Behavioral Health During Operation Allies Welcome the Practice of Presence and Ambassadorship with Transitioning Afghan Travelers – MAJ Lois Colwell, LICSW
    • Implementing eScreening in VHA to improve Wellness for Veterans – James Pittman, PhD, LCSW
    • Serving Those Who Have Served: Toxic Exposed Veterans and the PACT ACT – Lisa M. Pape, MSSA, LISW

    Wednesday | June 14, 2023

    Those registered for the Military Behavioral Health Short Course (service members only) will have sessions running from 0800-1700. General attendees will participate in discussion groups from 0800-1200

    Military Behavioral Health Short Course (All Day)

    Sessions open to service members

    General Attendees (Half Day)

    Discussion Groups